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Each of the Classes in Gears of War 4 have their own unique Skills and Skill cards. However, all of them have a set of general skills.

List of general skills

Name Description
Build Cost Lowers the cost of Fabricator items by 2% per level.
Carry Speed Move faster while carrying fortifications.
Execution Bonus When executed, enemies will drop more Power.
Fortification Health Items you build from the Fabricator have more health.
Team Revive While equipped, the Fabricator has a new Team Revive option.

Skill cards

Skill cards are special skills that classes develop.

Name Description Class
Active Reload Boost Increases damage bonus of an active reload. Soldier
Assault Rifle Capacity Assault Rifles now have a higher max ammo count. Soldier
Assault Rifle Damage Assault Rifles deal more damage. Soldier
Assault Rifle Magazine The magazine of your Assault Rifle is bigger. Soldier
Barrier Cost Lowers the price of Barriers. Engineer
Barrier Health Increases health of Barriers, in 10% increments. Engineer
Brawler Deal increased melee damage, and gain melee reduction. Scout
Cover Boost You take less damage while in cover. Soldier
Decoy Cost Lower the price of Decoys. Engineer
Decoy Health Increase Decoy health, in 20% increments. Engineer
Deposit Bonus Earn more Power when depositing at the Fabricator. Scout
Energize When you pick up Power, it also gives you health. Scout
Explosive Headshot Headshot kills cause enemies to explode. Sniper
Explosive Launcher Capacity Increase the max ammo count of explosive weapons. Heavy
Explosive Launcher Damage Increase the damage of explosive weapons. Heavy
Explosive Launcher Reload Increase the reload speed of explosive weapons. Heavy
Grenade Capacity You can carry more grenades. Soldier
Grenade Damage Your grenades deal more damage. Soldier
Grenade Plants You can plant more than 2 grenades on the map. Soldier
Hammer of Dawn Strike You can call in a Hammer of Dawn strike using the Fabricator. Soldier
Headshot Damage Deal more damage with headshots. Sniper
Health Boost Increase your base health. Scout
Health Regeneration Boost Increase the rate of health regeneration. Scout
Heavy Weapon Damage Increase damage dealt with Heavy Weapons. Heavy
Mark Boost You can now mark several more enemies at a time. Sniper
Marked Damage Increases damage dealt to marked targets. Heavy
Mortar Strike Unlocks the Mortar Strike option in the Fabricator. Heavy
Pickup Distance Increase the distance from which you pick up Power. Scout
Pistol Expert Increases pistol damage. Heavy
Precision Rifle Capacity Precision Rifles now have a high max ammo count. Sniper
Precision Rifle Damage Your rifles now deal more damage. Sniper
Precision Rifle Reload Increases the reload speed of your rifles. Sniper
Radar Ping Unlocks the Radar Ping at the Fabricator. Sniper
Rage A percentage of melee and shotgun damage is returned to you as health. Scout
Repair Boost Increase the speed of repairs, and makes them cheaper. Engineer
Sentry Capacity Increase Sentry ammo in 10% increments. Engineer
Sentry Cost Lowers the cost of sentries. Engineer
Sentry Speed Increase the fire speed of a Sentry. Engineer
Shotgun Capacity Carry more shotgun ammo. Scout
Shotgun Damage Deal more damage with Shotguns. Scout
Shotgun Magazine Shotguns carry more ammo in a magazine. Scout
Sniper Strike Unlocks the Sniper Strike at the Fabricator Sniper
Speed Boost Your base movement speed is increased. Scout
Turret Capacity Increase the max ammo of Turrets you buy. Heavy
Turret Cost Lowers the cost of Turrets. Engineer
Turret Damage Increases the damage of Turrets you buy. Heavy
Turret Health Increase Turret health, in 20% increments. Engineer
Weapons Locker Cost Lower the cost of Weapons Lockers. Engineer
X-Ray See enemies through walls Scout

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